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Next Instructor course PADI – may 8, Hispania Mazarrón.
In this call, the specialty of Scooter instructor … FREE!

The PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor is a certification that guarantees a high standard formation on scuba diving knowledge and is giving the future instructors the keys and skills to teach with success the PADI courses up to Divemaster.

At Buceo Hispania we are very proud of our excellence and our reputation doing IDC course with the highest quality and professionalism for more than17 years.

Hispania Mazarron dive centre, in the southern coast of Murcia. O ers you its awesome facilities located in the harbor first line, with 2 aluminium boats of 8.5 meters and boarding at only 10 meters from the dive centre.

The dive centre is equipped with the most up to date teaching materials, multimedia classroom and modern facilities that make learning easy and comfortable.


Our resident Course Director Karlos Simon, 4 consecutive years being PLATINUM CD who has taught more than 70 IDC and holds the ranking of 100 % candidates passed on the Instructor Examination IE, is a guarantee to get the best training in your Instructor Course.

Our methodology is focused not only on passing the IE successfully, but giving our candidates the tools to become real professionals. The di erence between professional instructor and average instructors is the teaching received during the IDC.

Always we focus on the individual need of each candidates, working on this areas where they need reinforcement, and taking them to the highest level. This way they arrive to the IE relaxed and confident and completely ready to pass it successfully.
If we believe that a candidate is not ready to face the IE successfully, he will be informed and we will o er free additional training until he gets the confidence and ability to do so.

The IDC consists on 18 presentations on subjects conducted by our Course Directors and Sta that range from PADI Standards and Procedures , Learning, Instruction and the PADI System, Risk Management and Diver Safety, The Business of Diving and your role as an instructor, Marketing Diving and Sales Counseling.

You will learn how to develop your presentation skills in knowledge development, confined water (swimming pool) and open water on a very high level so you will be able to give these presentations with total confidence, not only in front of the examiner on the IE, also in front of your future students.

During the IDC we will give you :
-Tree Knowledge development topics from any of the courses you will able to teach as an instructor to prepare and present in class.
-Four Confined water skill presentations also from any of the course you can teach as an instructor.
-Four Open water skill presentations again from any of the courses you can teach as an instructor
-After each presentation, the staff will give you a debriefing with advice on how to improve each of them bringing you to the highest level, so you won ́t only pass the exam IE very easily, also you will get the level expected of a professional instructor.

During the hole IDC you will be constantly evaluated on professionalism, theory knowledge, skill level, standard knowledge and presentation scores.

CABECERA IDC 2017 copia


  • Dive Master certificate, Assistant Instructor or an equivalent leadership level of another organization (SSI, FEDAS, BSAC, NAUI etc.)
  • First Aids certificate and CPR in the last 24 months. (EFR).
  • 100 Loged dives.
  • The Open Water certificate or equivalent for at least 6 months.
    **If any of this requirements or documents is missing , just get in touch with us.

Every candidate must have the following equipment for training in Swimming pool, sea and final exam: Fins,mask, snorkel, suit, knife, bcd, regulator, octopus, pressure gauge , depth gauge, compas, pocket mask, watch, and 2 ropes of 50 cm and at least 5mm diameter. ( the watch or computer must be able to show the time in seconds)


The candidate must bring :
*Photocopy of all the diving certifications (only if they are not PADI)
*2 passport photos.
*Medical clearance to dive signed by a Physician within previous 12 months


*Instructor Crew Pack ( Included on the course o er)
*EFR instructor Crew Pack (Included on the course o er)
*Diving knowledge workbook
*Open Water Manual
*Adventures in Diving manual.
*Rescue manual
*Dive Master manual.
*Recreational diving encyclopedia.
*Electronic Dive Planner eRDPml
*Pocket mask
*2 ropes
*Watch or computer that counts seconds.
*The students must have also paper, notebooks, pen, markers, “pos it” or similar.


PRICE – OFFER “Pack Pro” –  1.690 €

Theoretical support Pre IE (ON LINE)
IDC Course
EFRI Course
Instructor Crew Pack
EFR Crew Pack
Nitrox specialty Instructor Course
Oxigen Provider specialty Instructor Course.
Free accommodation during the course
Employment board.

Scuba Diving equipment.
Instructor Insurance.
IE, EFR and specialty Taxes they must be paid to PADI with credit card.

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