Dive Sites in Mazarron




Very close from our Dive center in Mazarron- Murcia-, you will be able to enjoy more than 20 dive sites, from wrecks and caverns up to submerged islands, reefs and even a fresh water lake inside a cave. The depths can range from 8 to 40 meters. Also we have some dive sites that go from 4 up to 15 m, very suitable for the beginner Courses. (Isla de Paco and Cala del Faro)

In this area of the Mediterranean, known as Mazarron Bay, we enjoy a huge variety of species such as Barracudas, Sunfish, Common Dentex, Pollacks, Groupers, Moray eels, conger eels, Octopus and Nudibranches. The temperature of the water can range from 14º in winter up to 26º in summer. The average visibility goes around 15 meters but in summer we can get around 30 meters.


Crossing Mazarron´s Bay  , just in the coast of La Azohia Village is located the Cabo Tiñoso´s marine reserve since 2016. 

The cliffs at Cabo Tiñoso offer a huge number of dive sites with different depths from 7 up to 42 meters being a perfect place for diving.

The diver will enjoy this sites suitable for marine life lovers and underwater photographers due to the huge variety of animals. Groopers, barracuda, octopus, Moon fish, congers, more eels and plenty of nudibranchs among many other species of fish offering a unique experience for the diver.


NALON WRECK: Depth 28-34 meters.  Minimum level: Advanced Divers. Wreck sank in 1999.

EL BAJO: Underwater mountain. Depth 14-30 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers .

LA ISLA: Depth 6-12 meters. Minimum Level : Snorkel or DSD.

CALA DEL FARO: Depth 4-9 meters.  Snorkel or DSD.

LA GARITA: Depth 6-28 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

TAJO COLORAO: Depth 14-30 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

CALA CERRADA: Depth 6-30 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

CALA  ABIERTA: Depth 14-24 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

MUELLECICO: Depth 15-30 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

CUEVA DEL LAGO: Way-through to a big Cavern with a lake inside. Minimum level: Snorkelers and Open water divers.

EL ARCO: Depth 15-30 meters. Minimum level: Open Water divers.

EL CORRALON: Depth 6-20 meters. Minimum level: Open Water divers.

MINA DE CRISTAL: Depth 12- 30 meters. Minimum level: Open water divers.

 Dives Time Table: From Monday till friday 10:00 and 16:30 and weekend 8:30, 12, and 16:30 (Inquire about Night dives Time)

Special diving and accommodation deals for groups.

To be allowed to dive in Mazarron we need the next documents:

  • Dive Certificate 
  • Medical certificate from the last 2 years
  • Diving insurence
  • Pasport.

*This documents are a must and must be in the boat when diving. We can’t allow diving without them.

*Dive insurance can be purchased in our dive center.

* Buceo Hispania Mazarron is member of the Hiperbaric Medical Unit of Cartagena (Murcia) where the hyperbaric Chamber is available 24 hours a day and the 365 days of the year.

CONTACT : international@buceohispania.com