PADI Enriched Air Diver (NITROX)

Would you like to have longer dive times and make more dives per day avoiding the residual nitrogen problems? with the NITROX course you will learn this and much more. You will discover all the advantages and disadvantages of diving with nitrox, narcosis, hiperoxía, partial pressures, oximeter use, how to do nitro dives and how to program your computer with different percentages.

How much does it cost and how i book my Nitrox Course?
The Nitrox course costs 100 € or 150 € with 2 dives. BOOK IT NOW

What is the Nitrox course length?

Intensive: Without dives lasts half day. With dives lasts one and a half days.

Start Day: When we get a group.

What do I need for the Nitrox course?

  • Be 12 years old Passport Photo, Scuba diving certificate.

What does the Nitroxr course include?

  • Digital manual and certification fee.

Info about children

  • Your children are allowed to do the Ntrox course if they are 12 years old.