Curso de buceo Open Water (Oferta 245€) | Buceo Hispania

Welcome to your first diving course: Padi Open water!! Finally you will be able to dive with hundreds of fish and discover the undersea world.

With us you will learn all the necessary to dive in the sea up to 18 meters, in any part of the world and without instructor. Also you don´t need any experience, starting from the beginning.
let´s start!!

PADI Open Water Diver course

Get the international Scuba Diving certification PADI Open Water Diver. With this certification you will be able to dive anywhere in the world, with the certificate llimits. This is the essential to dive worldwide. After this course you can continue with your knowledge and training to extend your limits with the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certificate.

How much does it cost and how do I book it?

To book it click here.

-In our dive center HISPANIA MAZARRON The minimum price is 299€. You can get benefit from the offer we do in HISPANIA MAZARRON (Murcia). If you are 2 people or more the price for the Open water course will be also 245€. ( To book it you will have to deposit of 75 € in our bank account and the rest you can pay it at the beginning of the course)

-ON LINE:The price is 245 €. You just have to book it through our web site.

What is the Course length?

You have several options to do your Open water course.

  • Intensive: In only 3 days.
  • E- learning: we will send to you the manual and the dvd, you do independent study at home and after you do the swimming pool and sea parts in a weekend here in our dive centre.
  • At your own rhythm: Tell us what do you need and we will consider it.

When do the courses start?
Every week: Groups of at least 4 students.

What do i need for the course?
-Be at least 12 years old.
-Passport Photo, medical statement and be able to swim
-Mask and snorkel are not included, you must to bring these own equipment

What does the diving course include?
Digital manual,  full scuba gear , Scuba diving insurance during the course and certification fee.

Which medical statement do i need?
You can use your family doctor , your company´s doctor or any other.
We can recommend to you some clinics in Mazarron where you can get it

Info about Children, fiscal condition and marine life.
Your children can get the PADI certificate if they are 12 years old, but they need parents authorization. don´t worry they are the best students.
If you feel in good condition, even when you are not an athlete, you can do your diving course with no problem. but a always bring a medical certificate.
Don´t worry about marine life. Nothing will attack you. The most dangerous animal underwater is the human being.