PADI Underwater Propulsion Vehicle

Under water scooter, is a vehicle designed to improve the divers movement, allowing to explore wider areas , with less effort and much faster. However, due to all skills related to scuba diving, scooter diving requires special training to be able to use it safely.

Our course will help you to learn the key concepts of this propulsion vehicle, making all the necessary plans and procedures to have more fun when you dive with scooter.

Cursos de scooter submarinoHow much does it cost?
The course price is 185 €

What is the course lenght?
1 Day

Starting Date:
When we get a group.
**Minimum group of 4 people

What do I need for the course?
Scuba diving certificate and being 12 years old.

What does the course include?
Scooter rental and international certification.