Terms and conditions



  • When you book a service (courses or dives) with BUCEO HISPANIA MAZARRÓN you start a commitment between the client and the dive centre.
  • The necessary data to make a reservation of immersions are: name, telephone, e-mail, number of immersions to realize, schedule of immersions, diving qualification, experience, equipment of rent and number of people.
  • To book a course, either in Hispania Mazarrón or Decathlon, will be done directly from our website (www.buceohispania.com)
  • Once the reservation has been made, the client must pay by bank transfer, cash or credit card a deposit to confirm it. In no case will the deposit be returned, it can only be exchanged for courses and dives in Hispania Mazarrón. In this case a voucher will be made without limit of time for its use.
  • The payment of the rest of the service will be paid in cash on the first day of the beginning of the service.
  • If a client rents or rents diving equipment to him, he will be responsible for its misuse or loss, paying the cost of the repair or the total amount.


  • Students must provide a passport-size photograph, medical certificate and parental authorization if they are under 18 years of age.
  • The Open Water students who do theory in Madrid or other cities will try to finish the course (swimming pool and sea practices) just the weekend after the start of their course, coordinating with our dive centre in Mazarrón the timetable of the practices. If the descent to Mazarrón is postponed, we will also have to coordinate the new date with our diving centre. The minimum group for the practices is 4 students.
  • The sea dives for any course can be done in morning or afternoon shifts.
    Beginners who do not carry out the swimming pool exercises with ease will not be able to do the sea dives, needing more training afterwards.
  • To obtain any diving qualification at the end of a course, the student must successfully pass all its phases. Otherwise it will not be certified.
  • If a student has completed the training and does not obtain the qualification because he/she has not successfully completed all the objectives of the course or needs more training in some part of the course, the following fees will apply for the continuation of his/her training:
    • OPEN WATER – Repeat a swimming pool or sea dive for the first time, at no cost. For the second or successive times, 50€.
    • ADVANCED – Repeat a sea dive for the first time at no cost. For the second or successive times, 60€.
    • RESCATE – Repeat for the first time a sea dive, at no cost. For the second or successive times, 60€.
  • If a course is not completed due to illness, fear or other major causes, the completion of the course may be postponed to another date. In the event that the student does not want to finish the course and there is any outstanding part of the course, the following fees will be applied for the collection of the course:
    • OPEN WATER – Student Kit – 60€, First part of theory (module 1, 2 and 3) – 40€, Second part of theory (module 4, 5 and tables) – 40€, First part of swimming pool (module 1, 2 and 3) – 40€, Second part of swimming pool (module 4 and 5) – 40€, Dives in sea 1 and 2 – 40€, Dives in sea 3 and 4 – 40€.
    • ADVANCED – Student Kit – 60€. For each dive – 35€.
    • RESCUE – Student Kit – 60€. Theory phase – 65€, practice phase – 65€, simulation phase – 65€.


  • The capacity of the air-tanks will be 12 or 15 liters. An attempt will be made to give the customer their choice as long as there is availability at that time.
  • Once in the dive center, the reserved dives are the ones that must be paid even if one of them is not done. The dives will be exempt of payment only in the case that the center of diving cancels them by technical problems or bad weather.


  • The client must present before his first dive the diving title and the insurance, which will remain in our possession for a possible inspection of the Civil Guard until the end of the hiring of services.
  • The schedules of the dives and courses indicate exactly the time at which one must be in the diving center to give the title, prepare the equipment or start of classes. The boat will depart approximately half an hour later than the times indicated, so please be punctual. For example, if the dive is at 8:30 am, you must be at 8:30 am to leave around 9:00/9:15 am.
  • If a diver arrives later than this time, he risks missing the boat.
  • Before sailing or starting a course the personnel of BUCEO HISPANIA will give pertinent indications of occupation of boat, classroom or what corresponds, so that the client knows exactly where to embark or to go.
  • The rental material will be handed over at the counter. Once the immersion in swimming pool or sea, the equipment will be rinsed with fresh water hanging it later in the external racks. Regulators and light equipment will be returned immediately to the wet area counter.
  • The equipment will be mounted on the terrace, at boat’s foot or in the pool.
  • The weights will be distributed in the dive centre.
  • The instructor will list the clients in the dive centre and on the boat before sailing.
  • The client will be responsible for his own personal equipment and belongings. The dive center will not be responsible for the loss of the dive center.
  • Smoking is forbidden in the dive centre and in the boats.


  • Before each dive the instructor, dive master or skipper will make a briefing of the area, safety rules and exercises if you were in a course.
  • All the students and divers will respect the time and the maximum depth that is indicated to them.
  • For qualified divers, if the dive has a guide, they will be able to follow you or not. Divers who want to go with the guide must follow his instructions, respecting the time and maximum depth he indicates.
  • In any case, it will never be possible to exceed 40 meters or 60 minutes of bottom time.
  • Decompression is not recommended.

BUCEO HISPANIA Mazarrón has a 24-hour assistance agreement with the hyperbaric chamber of Cartagena